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big thumbnail Army of Two

06.20.2009  .  website  .  gaming

portfolio title: EA Games: Army of Two

interactive trailer and microsite

Agency: Mekanism   CD: Ian Kovalik   AD: Paulo Sellitti   Editor and Garlic Grower: Jack Bibbo   Flash: Dave Cole & Cobra

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big thumbnail AXE

03.15.2009  .  online campaign  .  consumer beauty

portfolio title: The Fixer Show

Banners, YouTube design, and a damn funny April Fool’s joke

Agency: Mekanism   CD: Tommy Means   CW: Andre Ricciardi   AD: Paulo Sellitti & Courtney Booker
Flash: Paulo Sellitti

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big thumbnail Skate2

12.29.2008  .  online ad  .  gaming

portfolio title: Electronic Arts, Skate2 Take-back Squad

Rich media banner

Agency: Freestyle Interactive   CD: Dan Van Der Hei   CW: Dan Van Der Hei   AD: Doug Buckingham& Paulo Sellitti   Flash: Paulo Sellitti

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big thumbnail slotMusic Player

11.12.2008  .  online ad  .  electronics

portfolio title: slotMusic, Beyond Music

Page takeover

Agency: COG1   CD: Jeffrey Hyman   Mographer: Eric Meller   Flash: Paulo Sellitti

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big thumbnail Iron Man

05.04.2008  .  online ad  .  electronics

portfolio title: LG Electronics Iron Man: Learn to Fly

Page takeover game

Agency: Publicis Modem   CD: Paulo Melchori   CW: Marcus Park   AD: Paulo Sellitti & Adriana Sessana   Flash: Paulo Sellitti

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big thumbnail Adidas

03.27.2008  .  online campaign  .  consumer apparel

portfolio title: Adidas Celebrate Originality

Page takeover, banners, and email

Agency: Carat Fusion   CD: Mike yapp & Huan Nghiem   CW: Dan Tamura   AD: Michael Richards & Paulo Sellitti   Flash: Paulo Sellitti

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Paulo Sellitti, aka the online ad guy

I grew up in the 80's and now I'm trying to get back.

As a Digital Creative Director I'm a student of culture, a lover of stories, and a fighter for great work. By day I manage the Honda powersports account at Dailey Advertising, by night I design for Skinny Bitch Apparel, and during my free time I write —

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